Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence


Red Cedar Harmonia’s dedication to providing zero deviance in customer satisfaction index is reflected in our commitment to developing an in-depth understanding of our customer’s mission and requirements. We maintain a highly motivated professional workforce, skilled in the disciplines that complement our core business. Red Cedar looks to break complex problems into simpler blocks and build common-sense solutions. Red Cedar has a stellar track record of providing total customer satisfaction through the delivery of high quality services, on schedule and at or below budget.

Enterprise Operations and Maintenance

Enterprise Operations and Maintenance

It is said that 80% of a product’s life cycle is spent in its operations and maintenance. Needless to say maintaining and operating enterprise infrastructure and applications is a critical part of the success of the organization. With our technicians highly experienced in operating and maintaining infrastructure and software applications we take away the guess work and anxiety in keeping your organization running smoothly.

Application Development

Application Development


With cutting edge tools and technologies and effective development methodologies such as agile, our software and systems engineers build quality software applications. We strive to make the process of application development smooth from requirements gathering to production deployment and support with our practice of engaging  our customers often.


Red Cedar Harmonia emphasizes practices that ‘build security in’ when constructing software and systems, rather than relying solely on post-development code scanning/incident monitoring to catch exploitations. Our services include:

  • CMMI Level 3 processes for software development using developers trained to apply secure coding techniques and requiring peer inspection of code for software assurance.

  • Incorporating multi-dimensional code analysis for vulnerabilities and weaknesses as part of our Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipelines.

  • Applying Continuous Monitoring to protect operational systems, and to surveil systems for security breaches and provide full incident response and forensic investigation. A related service area is implementation of Identity, Credential And Access Management (ICAM) including two-factor authentication and single-sign on across mobile and web-based applications.

Since 2008 Red Cedar Harmonia has provided key services in software assurance and application vetting to the U.S. Navy, Air Force, DISA, and other agencies. Many organizations today perform a pre-deployment code scan with one tool. Harmonia has expertise in using leading tools (e.g., through our partnership with Hewlett Packard for Fortify). However, any single tool will be good at finding certain code weaknesses, and will generate many false positives (incorrect findings of suspected code weaknesses) that take human review time to dismiss. Plus, static code scans are only one class of defense against malicious code, and don’t analyze dynamic execution of code.

To overcome those problems, Harmonia provides services to tailor an application vetting process for our customers that collects evidence from a dozen or more different tools. We are tool-agnostic and work with our customers to find the best static code analysis tools, dynamic analysis tools, and network analysis tools to uncover weaknesses in web/mobile/desktop applications, services, databases, etc. Our services include threat modeling, setting up automated pipelines to run a dozen or more analysis tools, and automating the aggregation of tool reports and cross-correlation of tool output. These practices reduce false positives and cut the time for customers to adjudicate and fix true code weaknesses.

DevOps/Test Automation

The IT industry today is undergoing an unprecedented transformation away from decades-old practices of manual configuration management, testing, and deployment of software to automation. Red Cedar Harmonia has been systematically building a workforce of automation engineers for this new era. Harmonia’s DevOps services create a seamless pipeline from software development to deployment to operations support, and link together the previously distinct jobs of software developers and operations staff.

Our services include implementing DevOps pipelines to promote code using containers through multiple environments (e.g., development, Test, staging, certification, stress, production). We set up and configure repositories (e.g., Git, Team Foundation Server, SVN), Continuous Integration/Delivery/Monitoring (CI/CD/CM) pipelines (e.g., Jenkins, Team Foundation Server), incorporate peer code review tools, automate configuration management on multiple servers (e.g., Puppet, Ansible), provide customers with visualizations of our CI/CD/CM pipeline performance to minimize time to deployment of new features, and more. A complementary focus area is building security in as we describe in our cybersecurity service area.

Overall Red Cedar Harmonia offers a full range of testing services: smoke, functional, integration, regression, 508 compliance, performance, mobile, interface, exception, user acceptance testing etc. Harmonia offers extensive services to create test automation using major tools (e.g., Cucumber, Selenium, TestComplete, JUnit, NUnit, SoapUI). Our automation practices look at the entire software development lifecycle to get maximum benefit. As one example, we use behavior-driven development, in which our business analysts (during sprint grooming with Agile) or requirements analysis (Waterfall) define the features that customers desire in a formal language (e.g., Gherkin), from which we automatically generate overall testware using Cucumber and Serenity. Our test automation engineers then implement the testware in parallel as our software engineers implement the features. With Agile, we bring the tests and implementation together at the Sprint Review for automated acceptance test execution, and add the new tests to our Continuous Integration server. Not only does this approach minimize the time to develop and test new features, but we create an ever-growing fortress of automated testware that ensure that maintenance performed years form now does not break code written today.

Red Cedar Harmonia is agnostic to the DevOps and automation infrastructure used for our customers. We offer a choice of pre-built environments that we can stand up internally or at customer premises for programs with sensitive applications, or we can set up the infrastructure in clouds (e.g., Azure and Amazon), or use cloud-hosted services (e.g., GitHUB, Heroku). Harmonia adopts best practices through our partnerships with industry leaders, such as Amazon Web Services and Red Hat OpenShift.

Enterprise Data Warehouses/ Large Data Analytics

Red Cedar Harmonia provides a full spectrum of services utilizing Oracle, SQL Server, Hadoop and other proprietary and open-source tools to help agencies and organizations build and enhance their Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing capabilities. We are experts at designing, building and deploying both simple and large scale complex solutions utilizing a variety of industry standard data modeling, ETL, reporting and analytic tools to enhance visibility, develop structured and unstructured data platforms and put your data to work for you. We recognize that no single solution will fit the needs of every agency or organization and we take a 360-degree view of our clients’ businesses to provide targeted recommendations to ensure consistency, superior data quality and high performance. Harmonia also offers managed services to ensure that your mission-critical systems are constantly monitored and managed to achieve targeted performance, stability, reliability and continual availability.

Harmonia’s Business Intelligence Services include

  • BI Strategy and Roadmap – We assess your organization’s current and future state analytic technology infrastructure and create a road map of quick wins

  • BI Alignment and Governance – Our expertise in data governance and processes that manage, standardize, deliver and support BI programs ensures ongoing accuracy of your data

  • Analytic Information Architecture – We design and build the analytic information architecture needed to enable your BI programs

  • Information Management Infrastructure – Our experts create components such as data warehouses, data marts, master data management, and ETL processes that scale and sustain your results

Harmonia utilizes an Enterprise Information Methodology (EIM) which is integrated with your agency or organization’s SDLC for implementation of our business intelligence solutions. We also utilize an Integrated Analytics Framework (IAF) to move your business intelligence solution from descriptive analytics (hindsight) to predictive analytics (insight) to predictive analytics (foresight).

Harmonia offers a wealth of ways to get started on your business intelligence journey from attending a seminar to speaking with one of our consulting experts about our offerings.

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