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Innovate, Implement, Operate

Our commitment to our customers is to continually transform them at the pace of changing technology and more importantly provide common-sense, easy to use and stable IT tools to perform their mission.

To our staff we pledge creating an environment where they find work-life balance.

Our Expertise

We believe Information Technology solutions we build are tools customers use to perform their jobs effectively. We follow four essential principles when building IT solutions which we embody in every area of our expertise. These must come together for our customers for an IT Solution deemed effective.

1. It must be easy to use

2. It must be built to specifications and delivered on time

3. It must be secure and available to use

4. It must evolve with time

Our Services

Cloud and Infrastructure Solutions

Manage multi cloud and hybrid enterprise workloads. AWS, Azure, O365, Salesforce, ServiceNow and others.


Enhanced automation throughout the software delivery pipeline and eliminate mistakes and reduce attacks and downtime.

Human Centered Design

HCD centers around people that have the problem and the underlying cause of it, rather than on the problem itself.

Data and Analytics

Data is an Enterprise Asset and must be secured, stored, protected and analyzed for enterprise existance and growth.

Network and Cyber Solutions

Software Defined Networking, Trusted Internet Connections and High Performing Networks


Enterprise Training Development and Delivery


Service Excellence Award - USDA


Red Cedar Consultancy, LLC Employees engaged in USDA/FSIS/Distance Learning Branch, IT Support contract received Service Excellence awards twice. Red Cedar is very proud of all the employees that received this award.

April 2017 and May 2020

Distance Learning Branch, USDA

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